DATECH is a limited responsibility commercial company with its headquarters located in Tirana, ALBANIA.
DATECH activity is based on Information Technology and specifically in:

  • performing consulting services

  • developing software solutions

  • developing, implementing and maintaining entire information systems

  • inputting and processing large amounts of data

  • developing and selling ready-to-be-installed software

Our clients are government institutions consisting of ministries or other state agencies as well as private companies. Our activity is concentrated in Tirana and is expanding in all Albanian territory. DATECH staff includes and combines experienced and young active professionals in IT field consisting of:

  • Information System analysts

  • Project managers

  • Software engineers

  • Database administrators

  • Programmers

as well as consultants from different areas of expertise as in

  • Financial administration systems

  • Human resource management systems

  • Law

  • Health care management

  • Immovable property registration system etc

DATECH commitment is to continuously improve its image through

  • developing and delivering high quality products/services

  • improving client satisfaction

  • referring to the best Worldwide Standards in the field

We pursue our vision to become the No. 1 in Albanian market through improving our management systems and keep on being flexible in a changing business environment. We also, try to build our current and future success upon our skillful human resources and collaboration with our customers and partners.