Welcome to the DATECH's products page. We offer a variety of products that represent the very best in:

  • Financial Management System

  • Payroll Management System

  • Store Management System

  • Legal Information Management System

Because our quality control standards are high, we select built manufacture only the highest caliber of the best sofware in IT market. Our goal is always to deliver the best information systems. Your satisfaction is of paramount importance. Below is a short list of the products that we produce and sell.


Administrimi Financiar

Financial Administration is an up to date computerized accounting system that helps you in managing electronically your accounting activities.


Inventory Management Application is a software solution aiming to maintain and manage the inventory system in commercial or manufacturing companies. This solution is having success in some of the biggest commercial companies in Albania.


Alba Lex [Albanian Database of Legal Acts] is an application program that enables the fast and comfortable navigation within Albanian Legal Acts information.

Sistemi i Administrimit te Pagave

Payroll Management System is an application intended to manage the financial relationship between employees and the employer or more specifically the employees payment system. 


Human Resource Management System is a software solution aiming to manage personnel general and qualification information as well as help human resource managers in staff-related decision making.